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Don't delay, classes are filling up!  We already have four classes that are full and several that only have one or two spots available.  Monday is particularly popular, so if you are thinking of registering for a Monday  class, now is the time.

Congratulations to the new dance team members!

On Saturday we held dance team auditions at Footnotes.  We want to welcome all new team members and congratulate all of the dancers who made it on dance team!

Spring Fling, May 7, 2016

New Bridges Church

1:00 PM Performance

Be there at 12:45 pm, dressed and ready to perform!

 1.   Part of Your World -     

2.    A Whole New World -

3.    Once Upon a Dream -

4.    Beauty and the Beast -

5.    God Help the Outcasts -

6.    Beauty School Dropout - 

7.      Blinded Me With Science - 

8.      Rock-A-Bye Baby -

9.      Cheer Mix - Wednesday @ 7:00pm

10.      Bunny Hop (ballet) -        

11.      You and I (ballet) -

12.      School's Out For Summer -

13.      Pink Panther (ballet)

14.     What Makes You Beautiful -  

15.     Seasons of Love -        

16.     You’ll Be In My Heart (Ballet) -    

17.     Lollipop (ballet) -  

19.     Shut Up And Dance

20.     Cheetah Love - 

21.     Everyday -     

22.     Pom Poms -             

23.     We R Who We R -

3:00 PM Performance

Be there at 2:45 pm, dressed and ready to perform!

1.  Black and Gold -         

2.  My Future's So Bright-         

3.  Baby Buluga -    

4.  Magic (ballet)- 

5.  Slipping Through My Fingers -

6.  Feed the Birds - 

7.  Don't You Forget About Me -    

8.  St. Elmo's Fire -    

9.  Frere Jacques -

10.   School Cliques -        

11.  Thank Heaven For Little Girls  -        

12.   Cheer Mix - Wednesday @6:00        

13.  My Own Little Corner (ballet) - 

14.  Going To The Zoo -

15.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off -        

16.  Popular -

17.   ABC -

18.   Go Big or Go Home -        

 4:30 pm Performance 

Be there at 4:15 pm, dressed and ready to perform!

1.    Uma Thurman -        

2.   Double Trouble -

3.   Never Smile At A Crocodile -    

4.   Yellow Submarine (ballet) -        

5.   Footloose -         

6.   Teach Your Children Well 

7.   Night to Remember -    

8.   Maybe

9.   Hall of Fame - 

10.  Meant to Be 

11.  Amigas Cheetahs -    

12.  Candle On The Water (ballet)-         

13.  Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire - 

14.   Cheer - Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

15.  What Time Is It - 

16.  Go The Distance (ballet) -

17.  Sadie Hawkins - 

18.  Shake It Off - All Dance teams

Footnotes Summer Camps

Register now for summer dance camp. Limited space is available.  Get your dancer off the couch and away from the electronics for a fun dance experience this summer!

Register online or in the studio or give us a call at 208-305-6088.  More information is available under the classes button.

Weekend Schedules for April 23 & 24

In addition to the Asotin County Parade on Saturday Morning, the following performances are happening for Footnote Dancers:

  1. Dogwood Festival Quilt Show
  2. Saturday, April 23, 1:00 pm
  3. Clarkston High School Gym
  4. Arrive in costume by 12:45


  1. Baby Beluga - Wednesday 4:45 with Lara
  2. Honey Bun - Wednesday 4:00 with Shawna
  3. Slipping Through My Fingers - Wednesday5:15 with Shawna
  4. Hall of Fame - Monday 4:30 with Shawna
  5. Bunny Hop - Tuesday 4:00 with Lara
  6. Pink Panther - Wednesday 1:00 with Shawna
  7. Beauty and The Beast - Monday 6:30 with Shawna
  8. Footloose - Monday 6:45 with Kass
  9. Double Trouble - Tuesday at 7:00 with Kass
  10. Chim Chim Cheree - Thursday at 4:00 with Shawna
  11. God Help the Outcasts - Thursday at 3:15 with Shawna
  12. My Future’s So Bright - Wednesday at 4:45 with Kass
  13. Beauty School Dropout - Wednesday at 6:30 with Shawna

Sign up NOW for Footnotes Dance Camp scheduled for February 20th!

The 2016 Footnotes Dance Camp will be on February 20th at the studio. This is an opportunity for 6 to 12 year olds to learn a new dance and get to perform at an Warrior basketball game!  Camp will be from 10 am on February 20th until 2 pm. we will provide the dancers with lunch. Cost is $30 for the camp. See the flyer below.  You can print this out and mail it along with payment to the studio or come in and register. 

It's time for the Winter Showcase!

Our 2016 Winter Showcase will be the week of January 25 through January 28 at Footnotes Studio. This is an informal recital. Students will wear the dance clothes they wear to class and have an opportunity to show their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings what they have been learning in dance class.  Each individual showcase will be about 15 or 20 minutes long and will take place on the day your child normally has class. A complete list of each showcase time is listed below and has been given to each student this week during their classes. 

Monday and Tuesday Schedule

Monday and Tuesday Schedule

Wednesday and Thursday Schedule

Wednesday and Thursday Schedule

Did you know that we do birthday parties?

Having a birthday party soon? We celebrate birthdays at Footnotes too! Save yourself the hassle of decorating, entertaining and cleaning up afterwards. We will provide decorations, and dance related entertainments without the fuss and muss.  Your birthday child may even have someone special show up!  We have direct access to certain princesses who would be happy to wish your child a happy birthday!

Princess Anna and Elsa both came to celebrate Shayla's birthday!

Princess Anna and Elsa both came to celebrate Shayla's birthday!

Congratulations Olivia Dixon!

Olivia has been dancing at Footnotes for over five years and was awarded a metal in recognition of that. Olivia has taken ballet, tap and is a member of our Mini Dance Team. She is a wonderful little dancer and we love her bright smile at the studio. She was able to go to Disneyland in 2014 and dance in parades in Disneyland and California Adventures.  We look forward to teaching Olivia for many more years to come. You will be able to see her dance at the tree lighting ceremony at Train Park!

Mini Dance Team wins first place at Roundup Parade!

Just a word before we start talking about the parade. We want to thank all the parents who bring your children to classes each week and support them in their extra activities. We are blessed with such a wonderful group of dancers and families. This year has been amazing so far and that is because of our dance family at Footnotes. Thank you for making us better each year.

2015-2016 Mini Dance Team Roundup Parade

2015-2016 Mini Dance Team Roundup Parade

We are so proud of all of our dance teams! We started practice in August in 100 degree heat and had to move practices inside to the studio after only one practice because of the smoke from the surrounding fires. They have all been troupers!  Most of the Mini Team members are new to dancing as a team and did a terrific job.  They took first place in the Lewiston Roundup Parade! They were so cute galloping down Main Street on their stick ponies and singing "Rawhide!"

Senior dance Team - Lewiston Roundup Parade

Senior dance Team - Lewiston Roundup Parade

These ten girls are such a joy to work with. Their experience and training really shine when they are performing. It is great to have these girls in class each week. They love to dance and it shows!

Junior and Youth Dance Teams - Lewiston Roundup Parade

Junior and Youth Dance Teams - Lewiston Roundup Parade

We combined the Junior and Youth Dance Teams so they could dance with the Little Pink Barn in the Roundup Parade. They did a terrific job - even though they were the very last entry in the parade and waited two hours before they even got to start. We were honored to help promote Tough Enough to Wear Pink!

We survived with smiles still intact!

Oh, my gosh, so many dancers, so many little shoes and tutus! We made it through the first week of dance classes! What a wonderful week. Lots of new students and lots of returning students, lots and lots of hugs to go around! It is great to be back in the groove of classes.  Hopefully everyone was able to get pretty much settled into their schedules. Some dancers weren't able to be here this week as they finished out their summer vacations and enjoyed back to school events.


Classes start August 31 - are you ready?!

Classes for the 2015-2016 season begin August 31! We are so excited!  The dance teams have already begun practicing for the Roundup Parade, unfortunately that has been happening inside because of the smoke in the valley.  It's still pretty exciting, especially the Mini Team, for many of them this will be their first appearance in a parade!

Registration is still happening, but classes are filling up. If you're interested in a class and not finding one, please call  208-305-6088  and we will see if we can fit your dancer in to a class.