Classes for Age’s 7-18


Class Placement

The appropriate class and level for each student is entirely determined by the Footnotes staff.  Correct placement for each dancer is individualistic and specific to that dancer’s needs and abilities.

Please remember that all students do not learn at the same rate. Students who start in the same class together will not always progress in the same way and therefore may be placed in different levels based upon the evaluation of their progress.

New students with no or little dance experience will be placed in beginner classes of the appropriate age group in the subject of their choice.

New students with prior dance instruction may have to try a few different classes and levels to find the appropriate fit at Footnotes.

Returning students are generally kept with their group for the new dance season. However, each student is evaluated at the end of each year and may therefore be placed in a different level in accordance with their progress.

Ballet 1, 2, 3

Ballet is offered to all ages in various levels, ballet is the foundation of dance. Body placement flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique are achieved through barre and center floor work. Should ballet technique is essential for strength power and execution for each dancer. 

Ballet classes are designed for those students with prior dance experience.  Dancers will be placed in one of these classes based on previous dance experience and ability shown in class. More focus will be placed on technique, strengthening muscles and appreciating the aesthetics of good dance. Students will learn to express themselves when performing and present themselves with a positive self image in all areas of life.

Ballet classes vary for 30 to 45 minutes and are offered for student 7 to 18 years old. These classes are divided into 5 levels and student are placed by skill level. Younger students are encouraged to take a Combo Class such as Twinkle Toes or Tiny Dancers for early ballet training.



Pre- Pointe is a more technical ballet class for the dancer transitioning to Pointe.  This class will focus on basic barre and center work and introduce the fundamentals of our ballet program including class expectations and attire. Dancers will wear tights, any color leotard and pink ballet shoes. Pre-Pointe dancers will do the same exercises and dances with the Pointe I class but in flat ballet shoes. The Pre-Pointe dancer may move on to Pointe when the instructor feels they are ready. Ballet 4 is for students who are more advanced but do not want to go en pointe.

Pre-Pointe/Ballet 4 is a 45 minute class and meets twice a week.

Pre-Pointe/Ballet 4: (students must enroll in both classes)



Pointe is a class wherein the ballet dancer supports all their body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. Dancing en pointe makes the dancer appear weightless and sylph like; this is done by wearing special box toed pointe shoes. Students are recommended for pointe based on age and ability.

Pointe is a 45 minute class and meets twice a week.

DRESS CODE: Tights and any color leotard;  Pointe will wear pink toe shoes. Toe shoes must be professionally fitted and can be purchased at Empire Dance in Spokane. DO NOT ORDER POINT SHOES OVER THE INTERNET!

Pointe 1: (students must enroll in both classes)



Pointe 2/3: (students must enroll in both classes)

Ballet & Tap I and Ballet & Tap II & III Combo class.

These are traditional ballet and tap classes which are offered back to back for the older student who still wants to take ballet and tap classes. Each class is 30 minutes and a price break is offered for the student taking both classes. Each class can also be taken as a stand alone class.

Tap 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Tap is offered to all age in various levels. Tap combines the study of rhythm, precision and the fluidity of movement and style. Tap dancing is an excellent way to increase coordination and develop musicality.

Tap is a 30 minutes class for ages 7 to 18 years old with placement based on skill level. One of our most popular classes, this stimulating class teaches classical tap dancing techniques and fast-paced rhythms. We teach tap terminology as student practice to music ranging from show tunes to fun, modern beats. We direct our younger students to take combination class. 


Lyrical dance is a modern dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Lyrical dance is often referred to as contemporary dance. Lyrical dance uses dramatic motion to interpret music and express emotion.

Lyrical classes are 45 minutes long.

 Jazz/Hip Hop

Jazz/Hip Hop classes are offered separately from the combination classes, but usually preceded by a ballet & tap class. Students will stretch and learn jazz and hip hop technique. Ballet helps strengthen muscles and align the body while tap introduces the mathematics of musicality and rhythm. For this reason dancers are strongly encouraged to take ballet and tap in addition to jazz/hip hop. A solid knowledge in all forms of movement will make a dancer stronger.

These classes feature a concentration in jazz technique. Through proper warm up, effective stretching, body isolation and floor work incorporating center floor and across the floor combination, each level builds on the previous one and leads to greater understand and proper execution of the many styles of jazz dance. Jazz is a style of dance that is structured in technique while taking many shapes and forms. It can be performed to a vast variety of music styles from Broadway to pop. Hip Hop is an upbeat style of dance performed to popular music. Although  Hip Hops roots came from urban street dancing, it has become increasingly popular in the entertainment world. Hip Hop takes many forms and is continually changing.

Students will be placed in either the beginning,  intermediate  or advanced jazz/hip hop class based on their previous experience and level of ability shown in class. Beginning dancers, age 7 to 9 take a 30 minute class. Intermediate and Advanced classes for ages 9 to 18 are 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater is a fun energetic class that combines jazz technique with other varieties of create a "Broadway" style of dance. This class combines dancing, and acting and is open to students ages 8 to 18.   Musical Theater will be a combination of original and sometimes zany choreography; often combining ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance.  Music of all genres will be used and interpreted providing a truly theatrical experience.  Be ready to have some fun!  This class is a great workshop for students wishing to develop their musical theatre skills for fun and self expression. 

Musical Theater 1 is a 45 minute class and Musical Theater 2 is a 60 minute class.

Copy of Musical Theater class.jpg


Cheer is open to students 6 to 12 years old. This cheer class will be a basic cheer emphasizing on fundamentals and skills associated with cheerleading and cheer dance. Cheer dance is a vigorous form of modern day cheerleading which incorporates dance movements and develops discipline, body posture and stamina. Dancers will learn arm positions, jumps, voice, cheers, chants, cheer dance and will develop skills in cheer and chant choreography. Emphasis is placed on the class performing sharp, precise movements to strong, energetic music. It will be fun, interactive and very peppy!!!  Dancers will learn fun cheers and age appropriate cheerleading style dance routines to upbeat "tween-type" music.