Tuition & Registration Fees


A registration fee of $25 is due when a student registers for dance. Additional siblings will be charged $10 each for registration. Registration is due once a year and is non-refundable.

Tuition is due by the first class of every month.  Prices are based on length of class and an average of 3.6 classes per month.

Tuition will not be adjusted for “short” or “long” months

Any account not paid in full by the second week of the month will be charged a $5 late fee.

30 minutes weekly...............$32/month

45 minutes weekly...............$40/month

60 minutes weekly...............$50/month

A dancer taking multiple classes will receive $5 off for each additional dance class taken

   EXAMPLE: First class (45 minutes) $40. Second class (30 minutes) $32-$5=$27.

   Total monthly tuition for both classes = $67.

***Ballet Troupe is a 60 minute class but will be billed $40 per month and will not be discounted for multiple classes or siblings because it is already being discounted,

*Parents receive 50% discount on all adult dance classes.

*Minutes are calculated per child not per family.

*Parents of registered dancers may attend any Footnotes fitness class for free.


Parents can have a credit card on file at Footnotes that allows us to automatically bill for tuition, dance wear and other fees.  Footnotes does not provide paper bills but statements are e-mailed to families. Parents can also access their accounts through the Parent Portal located under the "register" on the right side of this page.


1 class: $10

5 classes: $40

10 classes: $70

3 Months of unlimited fitness classes: $90