Meet the teachers...

We have six dance instructors at Footnotes Dance and Fitness.

Shawna Seale, Owner-Director, has taught almost every class offered at Footnotes but her first love is Ballet. This year she will be teaching Baby Ballet, Twinkle Toes, Tiny Dancers, Lyrical, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Tap Combo, Adult Tap, many ballet classes and all Teams. Shawna was also the first certified Zumba instructor to hold regular Zumba classes in the valley.

Teresa Blankenship teaches Baby Ballet and Twinkle Toes, Flag Dance and is also a certified Zumba instructor and Power Bar instructor.

Lara Morrison teaches Twinkle Toes, Tiny Dancers and Junior Jazz, BOYZ and also assists with dance teams. Lara also teaches Kickboxing Circuit.

Karen Boyer is our Tap Master - she specializes in all things Tap and also teaches Lyrical and Jazz/Hip Hop.

Kass Wilponen teaches Jazz/Hip Hop, Ballet, and she is now leading our Musical Theater group (you may have seen Kass is several Civic Theater productions).

Dori Foster is our Cheer coach and a former high school cheer coach who does a terrific job getting the spirit out of our cheerleaders!  

Not pictured is Theresa Stuck who also works with the Musical Theater students, she has a degree in theater and knows her way around a stage.

Shawna, Teresa, Lara, Karen, Kass and Dori.

Shawna, Teresa, Lara, Karen, Kass and Dori.

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