Summer Dance Session 2019

June 3 - July 27

Summer dance classes are all twice a week. Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday depending on the class that is chosen. There is one flat fee for summer tuition. ($40 registration fee is not included in your tuition.) Your tuition includes two month's of summer dance classes, a costume for the summer performance, a t-shirt for each dancer and two tickets to our summer show "Monsters Inc. - The Story In Dance."

All dancers will participate in the "Monsters Inc." show on Saturday, July 27th at LCSC Silverthorne Theater. 

baby ballet.jpg

Baby Ballet (ages 1-3)

Monday/Wednesday 4:15-4:45

Tuesday/Thursday 4:45-5:15

cost $190

ballet 6-9.jpg

Ballet (age 6-9)

Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:00

Cost $230

tap 6-9.jpg

Tap (age 6-9)

Monday/Wednesday 6:00-6:30

Cost $190

Ballet 3 year.jpg

Ballet (age 3)

Monday/Wednesday 4:45-5:15

Tuesday/Thursday 4:15-4:45

cost $190

beginner acro.png

Beginner Acro (ages 7+)

Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:15

Cost $270

jazz 6-9.jpg

Jazz/Hip Hop (age 6-9)

Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-6:15

Cost $190


Cheer (ages 5+)

Tuesday/Thursday 4:45-5:15

Cost $190

ballet 4-5.jpg

Ballet (ages 4-5)

Monday/Wednesday 4:45-5:15

Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-5:45

cost $190

adv acro.png

Intermediate Acro (approval required)

Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:15

Cost $270

char jazz ballet.jpg

Combo Ballet & Character Jazz (ages 10+)

Tuesday/Thursday 6:15-7:15

Cost $310