Students may register through September. Dancers are registered for the entire year and the year will run from August through May. There will be a $40, non-refundable, registration fee. You may register online or print your registration out and mail it to the studio at 731 Warner Avenue, Lewiston, Idaho. You may also register by calling the studio at 208-305-6088. The Parent Portal tutorial will guide you through the registration process and show you the information you will have available to you once you register through the portal.

Parent Portal tutorial



Please see the tuition link for specific prices. Monthly tuition is based on the length of time of the class session and on the average of 3.6 classes per month. Tuition is due the 1st week of every month. Payments can be brought to class by the student or parent. There is a locked payment box in the waiting room or you can give it to the receptionist. Please write the dancer’s name on the outside of the envelope before placing it in the box. There will be a $35 service fee on all returned checks.

All tuition for the dance season must be paid in full by May 15th . Any student with an outstanding balance will not be permitted to participate in our Spring recital.

Missed classes will not be refunded.

No student is permitted to skip a month of classes. Your spot in that class is reserved for you upon registration for all months from September to May. Therefore, payment must be made for each month throughout the dance season until we have been notified of discontinuing.

Costume payment is due by December 1st.  Absolutely no refund/credit after payment will be made. 

Students who decide to withdraw from class will not receive a refund for that month or for any costume already ordered.

We do not provide a paper statement each month.  We do provide an emailed statement for each family.  You can keep a credit or debit card on file and we will bill your card for monthly tuition, dance wear, costumes and other dance fees. Credit cards are billed within the first five days of the month.  If you have activated your parent portal (on the registration page), you can view your account, change your card information and make payments. 

 *There will be a $5/month discount on "2nd child" tuition.

*Parents of currently registered students receive a 50% discount off tuition for all adult classes.

Parents of registered dancers can take an unlimited amount of fitness classes for free each month.  Check out the fitness schedule on the schedule page!



There will be a recital in the spring with other opportunities during the year for dancers to perform.   A recital fee be charged in April to offset facility charges.

Dress Rehearsal


Our commitment is to producing an extraordinary performance and experience for all of the dancers and audience, which is why after all the long hours of work on the part of the students and their class, a dress rehearsal is important to the success of the dancer on stage. The dress rehearsal is required for all dancers participating in the main recital. There is no dress rehearsal for the Mini Recitals.  Rehearsal and recital times are set early for your planning convenience. Please contact Shawna immediately if you have a conflict.



We place our students in wholesome attire. Footnotes to has a high standard in choosing costumes.  Instructors will select a costume that is appropriate for the age and music for each dance. Parents will be able to view the costume selections.  One costume will be purchased for each dance style.

Your first statement in September will include the costume billing. This allows you to make monthly payments if necessary to have your costume(s) paid by the December 1st deadline. . We can not order costumes until everyone in each class has paid for their costumes in full. Delivery of costumes takes several months. As soon as the costumes arrive, the instructor will have the dancers try them on, dance in them and explain any accessories to the parents.

Costumes will be purchased by the dancers, but we will try to keep costs to a minimum. For the younger classes we usually use two-in-one costumes. Costume cost usually range from $60-$100 depending on the class.

Dress Code

Class Specific Dress Code

Footnotes has a dress code for each class. It is important to dress appropriately for dance because it enables the instructor to evaluate the dancer's technique and also shows that the student is ready and serious about learning dance. There is a complete list of dress code requirements under the classes - dress code tab on the left side. One leotard/dance dress will be provided for each registered student per their dress code for one class.  Additional leotards/dance dresses are available at the studio for purchase.  Cheer classes will be provided with a Footnotes Cheer shirt and shorts. It is never appropriate to wear jeans or baggy clothing to dance class.

Footnotes sells shoes, tights, leotards, and whatever you need for dance classes at a reasonable price.  You may purchase the appropriate dance wear at the studio, or on your own. Please do not purchase ballet shoes at Walmart. These are not actually ballet shoes but are "slippers" not intended for dance class, and do not provide the support needed for dance. They are slippery on the bottom, making them unsafe for dancing.



Footnotes has a closed class policy. This gives us your child’s undivided attention during classes. Footnotes Dance Studio provides live feed closed circut television viewing in each studio so parents are always able to view their child. Visiting family members are welcome to view in the waiting room or just ask the instructor and we can arrange in class viewing. We also welcome parents into the studio for practice recording purposes. We are flexible, just check with the instructor and we will be happy to accommodate you.



Being on time each week is important to your child. Class is designed to begin with a warm-up, this promotes a strong body and lessens the chance of injury.  Arriving late distracts all students and is disruptive. If you cannot attend class or know you will be late please call or email the instructor. Please have your child use the bathroom before class. Leaving not only disrupts the class but your child may miss out on valuable warm-ups or combinations. Please discuss this with your child.

 *No refunds or financial adjustments will be made for missed classes.

Picking up your Student

Students will be required to wait inside the building after class, for their safety. Please try to pick up your child no more than 5 minutes after class ends.

Behavior and Etiquette 


Students and parents will be respectful of other students, teachers, parents and property. Any student or parent who is repeatedly disrespectful may be asked to leave and the dancer may lose the privilege of dancing at Footnotes Dance & Fitness. Please remember that there are classes going on outside the viewing room and noise travels through the walls.  Do not allow your children to run through the halls and be disruptive.

Food and Beverages

Gum, water, food or drinks of any kind are not permitted inside the classrooms. Snacks/drinks are allowed in the viewing room, but please keep the area clean. If a dancer is hungry they should eat before or after dance class. If it can be avoided please refrain from sending food or drinks (other than water) with your child to class.


Students are encouraged to practice outside class. Dance moves, steps and exercises repeated at home will dramatically improve a dancer’s ability. A student who is successful will gain self confidence and enjoy their dancing experience more.



The music selected for classes and recital dances will be age appropriate.