What a year!


It's been quite a year. I'd like to take some time to reflect on what we have accomplished since last Christmas.

We put a lot of effort into preparing for our dance team trip to Disneyland. We all went in not really knowing what to expect. Months of fundraising, planning, practicing and anticipation led up to a fun and exciting time in California. These 12 girls represented Footnotes in an amazing way. With fabulous critiques from the director of the program. I wasn't sure if we would do this again but I'm pretty sure we will. What a great experiences for these dancers!

Watch them on ABC on Christmas Day! They will be in the cars section of the Disneyland Holiday Parade.

After a fabulous recital last June we had two great months of summer dance classes. As Footnotes started it's fifth year teaching dance our enrollment is up again. I'm so excited to see so many new and returning faces. As I watch these dancers over the few years we've been instructing I'm so proud to report to all the parents that they are all exceptional. They are growing and learning more all the time.

We added some classes in August as well. We added another Power Bar class and a ballet pointe class. The 6 talented ballet dancers are making their ways through the aches and pains of pointe work and will be ready to show you what they have learned this year.

We also had a One Day Dance Camp in February last year at LCSC. This was one of the many fundraiser the dance team helped with. We are already planning another for this February.

We will be adding more dance classes in February and planning our Winter Showcase for the end of January so keep posted for upcoming events and news!