$10 registration from April 1 through May 31!

Early registration is still happening at Footnotes. You can save 50% on your registration by registering by the end of May. Don't hesitate though because classes are starting to fill up fast. One class is already closed! Make sure that you get your dancers in the classes you want while they are still available.

New this season - Ballet and tap classes are being offered based on dancer skill levels and not on their age. If you have any questions about what classes they should be in, just ask their teachers. Your dancer's teachers know what classes they should move up to.

Another clarification - Twinkle Toes is for 3 year olds, Twinkle Toe II is for 4 year olds and Tiny Dancers is for 5 and 6 year olds. If you have questions about placement ask the teachers where the dancer is most suited, Some younger dancers can be in an older class and some older dancers need to be in a younger class.

Shawna SealeComment