Three Chicks Fit Camp

Summer is finally decided to arrive in the Northwest and I am loving it! Even though the June summer classes were over last week I am currently working on getting things ready for our first ever fit camp starting next week! Did you see my artwork? Can you tell who's who? :)

Why fit camp? You ask. Why not Boot Camp? Well, the goal is to get fit and have fun doing it. Boot Camp has such a negative sound to it and I don't see myself, Lara or Teresa as being the Boot Camp type...well maybe Teresa, she can really kick my bootie in Power Bar!

We have 3 weeks of fun and new fitness classes lined up for everyone. I'm so excited and I hope everyone who is participating gets a lot out of our little venture. We have room for about 2 more so if you still want to join us give me shout out!

Have a great weekend!